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Managers 'should include dress codes in employment contracts'

Managers 'should include dress codes in employment contracts'

Companies may wish to ensure that all future contracts of employment signed by staff include provisions with regard to dress codes in order to avoid grievance cases.

That is the suggestion of Charlotte Wolff, employment relations editor at XpertHR, who has said that including formal rules within official documents on what is acceptable to wear in the working environment will eliminate the possibility of contractual "grey areas" occurring.

Ms Wolff explained that it is vital for managers to communicate properly with members of staff whatever their stance is regarding dress in the workplace, because failure to do so may result in disputes further down the line.

"The policy should set out what is not allowed, or what is required, depending on the needs of the organisation," she noted.

In addition, the expert stated that linking these requirements to contracts will also act as a "safeguard" for all parties.

Recently, Melanie Stark claimed she was forced out of her role as an assistant at Harrods for refusing to wear makeup.

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Posted by Cheryl Bennett