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Coventry worker wins unfair dismissal case

Coventry worker wins unfair dismissal case

An unfair dismissal case has been won by a parcel depot worker in Coventry - but he has not been awarded any compensation.

The employment tribunal stated Ivan Derzu, of Foleshill, Coventry, had contributed towards his own dismissal so was not eligible to receive an award.

Ian Hartley, representing Parcelforce Worldwide, said Mr Derzu had behaved in an aggressive and abusive manner to three other members of staff at the facility, reports the Coventry Telegraph.

"This was a serious matter. Mr Derzu apologised at his appeal hearing but was suspended on full pay and later dismissed for gross misconduct. This kind of behaviour was not tolerated by the firm," he said.

Mr Derzu had claimed he was picked on by other members of staff at the Coventry workforce before his dismissal.

Earlier this month, online resource Get Reading reported on the case of Sidharth Deva, who was removed from his role as project manager at the Reading Council for Racial Equality and won an unfair dismissal claim for compensation as a result.

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Posted by Chris Stevenson