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Woman seeks clinical negligence compensation

Woman seeks clinical negligence compensation

Substantial clinical negligence compensation is set to be awarded to a woman who was left with both physical and psychological health issues following a surgical procedure.

According to Wigan Today, Eileen McNaughton had an operation in October 2006 aimed at reducing her problem of passing urine freely, but a later examination found that she had an over-active bladder.

In the weeks following this surgery, the 55-year-old began to suffer regularly from hallucinations, which eventually got so bad she thought she was going to die, the news source added.

Because of her reaction, she was admitted to a mental health unit and now has to use a catheter to urinate.

Ms McNaughton is one of around 400 women who are seeking damages from Liverpool Women's NHS Trust - one of only two such specialist bodies in the UK - for operations believed to be unnecessary.

The organisation has agreed to meet damages claims for half of all claimants thus far and a decision on the amount Ms McNaughton will receive is expected next year.

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Posted by Richard Saunders