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Whistleblowing consultant receives official apology

Whistleblowing consultant receives official apology

An official apology has been issued to a consultant who engaged in whistleblowing during the high profile Baby P case.

According to the Haringey Independent, Dr Kim Holt was a signatory of a document which expressed significant concerns about goings on at St Ann's Clinic in the London area of Tottenham in 2006.

The letter highlighted the fact that the institution was understaffed and therefore putting its patients in danger. This appeared to be confirmed when revelations were released about the death of Peter Connelly - Baby P - in 2007.

Peter had been treated at the clinic shortly before passing away, but staff there failed to spot that the 17-month-old child was a victim of abuse.

As a result of her role in this letter, Dr Holt was removed from her role but has now been handed an official apology from both the Great Ormond Street and Haringey Primary Care Trusts for her dismissal.

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Posted by Cheryl Bennett