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Report: Race discrimination remains a prevalent issue in the UK

Report: Race discrimination remains a prevalent issue in the UK

Many people still feel as though they fall victim to race discrimination regularly in the UK employment system, a new report has stated.

According to a study conducted by Opportunity Now and Race for Opportunity, despite the fact that career progression is important to more than 75 per cent of all individuals of black, Asian or minority ethnic (BAME) backgrounds, 20 per cent of this group have never been awarded a promotion.

The Executive Summary paper noted that a "majority" of BAME employees believe they have been "overlooked for promotion at least once in their career" due to discrimination on the grounds of their ethnicity.

Meanwhile, it was found that the average white British employee will be promoted four times throughout the duration of their working lives, while their Indian, Pakistani and British African will be offered an improved position 2.5 times.

This correlates with findings of recent research by the Inclusive Employers Foundation, which established that many forms of discrimination are still prevalent in British firms.

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Posted by Cheryl Bennett