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Govt reiterates opposition to parental leave proposals

Govt reiterates opposition to parental leave proposals

Potential changes to parental leave legislation in Britain put forward by the European Parliament (EP) has again been opposed by the government.

Employment minister Chris Grayling travelled to Brussels on Friday (June 17th) to reiterate the Conservative-Liberal Democrat alliance's negativity towards the Pregnant Workers Directive put forward by Members of the EP (MEPs) last October.

Under the terms of this proposal, all member states would be legally required to provide 20 weeks worth of maternity leave on full pay to all new mothers.

This would represent a big change from current rules in the UK, which offer all females a weekly wage from their employer as long as they have been with their firm for at least 26 weeks.

Prior to attending a meeting of the Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs Council, Mr Grayling commented: "The proposals that MEPs put forward are costly for the UK. They are also socially regressive in that those that are earning the most will benefit the most from this."

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Posted by Richard Saunders