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Govt 'needs to be cautious with family law reforms'

Govt 'needs to be cautious with family law reforms'

The government has been advised to be cautious with regard to its plans to put children involved in divorce proceedings at the centre of its proposed reforms to the country's family law.

Recently, the Conservative-Liberal Democrat alliance established a specialist Family Justice Review panel with the intention of amending current legislation in order to give children a voice when their parents are going through a separation.

David Norgrove, chairman of the committee, stated that it is "vital" for offspring to be able to participate in this process as they are "the most important people in the family justice system".

However, according to Judy Reith, coach at online resource Parenting People, it is crucial for each child to be judged on their individual circumstances under any new ruling.

"It very much depends on how young they are or what the age range is of the children ... they need to be heard but not made to feel responsible in any way," she noted.

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Posted by Richard Saunders