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Flexible working 'should be used more widely'

Flexible working 'should be used more widely'

Flexible working should no longer be treated as an unusual practice by companies covered by the British employment law system, a government minister has said.

Working Families - the country's leading work-life balance body that offers free advice to employees - recently published research in conjunction with the Lancaster University Management School into the role of flexible working with regard to parental leave in the modern-day business environment.

This study involved questioning more than a thousand males in two large organisations in the public and private sectors about how they perceive this practice.

It was found that new fathers who are able to work flexibly from their roles in the private arena tend to enjoy "better physical and psychological health" and are also "less stressed and more committed to their employer".

And Maria Miller, work and pensions minister, feels that such findings should be taken as evidence that this practice should be considered "a normal way to work".

"We need to move flexible working away from being the exception," she added.

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Posted by Daniel Stevens