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Contractors 'in dark on effects of employment law changes'

Contractors 'in dark on effects of employment law changes'

Forthcoming changes to the UK's employment law represent something of a step into the unknown for certain professionals, an expert has suggested.

As of October 1st 2011, companies will be legally required to give the same employment rights to temporary workers as their permanent members of staff, after the former have been with them for a period of 12 weeks.

This forms part of the Agency Workers Regulations (AWR) and the Conservative-Liberal Democrat alliance is also planning to make alterations to the country's tax system for contractors.

Despite these imminent changes, many professionals in the freelancing industry remain in the dark about the effect this will have on their career as "nobody quite knows yet" how the law will be impacted.

However, Mr Norris added that people working through umbrella companies may face more difficulties than others as "the general consensus seems to be if you've got your own limited company and you operate as your own entity, then you'll be ok".

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Posted by Cheryl Bennett