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Seven-figure clinical negligence compensation sum awarded to teenager

Seven-figure clinical negligence compensation sum awarded to teenager

A multi-million pound clinical negligence compensation settlement has been awarded to a teenager after she was left blind due to the failings of a medical professional.

The unnamed girl, now 14 years of age, was originally referred to see consultant Ewan Kemp of the Scottish Ophthalmic Oncology Service in 2005 after she developed a squint.

Mr Kemp has previously performed surgery to correct this issue with the girl but failed to re-examine the youngster when she continued to complain of having poor vision and instead prescribed her with a course of eye drops.

However, subsequent analysis by a different specialist found the schoolgirl to have a gland tumour affecting her optic nerve, which was then removed in an operation that left her permanently without sight.

As a result, the girl and her family have now received a "substantial" sum of compensation that is believed to be in the millions.

This comes after Shane Barrett was awarded £4.6 million in negligence damages after he was left disabled due to errors at his birth in 2004, the BBC reported.

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Posted by Richard Saunders