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Girl awarded £1.78m in clinical negligence compensation

Girl awarded £1.78m in clinical negligence compensation

Clinical negligence compensation of almost £2 million has been awarded to a girl after a doctor failed to properly diagnose her with septicaemia.

According to the Daily Telegraph, Lydia Cross ended up losing both of her legs after a bout of illness eight years ago when, due to concern about their daughter, her parents rang their local GP.

However, Dr John Harrison decided to offer advice to the worried couple over the phone instead of conducting an examination in person and, it has been decided, this delay resulted in the youngster's condition not being recognised quick enough.

Julie and Tony Cross, mother and father of the girl, who is now ten-years-old, subsequently launched a damages claim against the medical professional and a figure of £1.78 million has now been agreed.

Mrs Cross told the news source: "It has been a long road. It has been eight years but I suppose at the end of the day we have got what we wanted for Lydia."

Recently, a teenager was awarded a multi-million pound settlement after she was left blind due to clinical negligence.

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by Richard Saunders