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Employment law changes 'may be needed to combat sex discrimination'

Employment law changes 'may be needed to combat sex discrimination'

Changes to the UK's employment law may be necessary to combat the sex discrimination still prevalent in senior management roles across all sectors.

That is according to Preethi Sundaram, policy and campaigns officer at the Fawcett Society, who believes the implementation of quotas to make sure that women are properly represented within the boardroom at all companies should now be considered.

Ms Sundaram explained that a more proactive approach to this issue is now required as "business as usual isn't working", even though a recent official analysis stated this was not the best way to move forward.

"This might not be the popular choice, but all the evidence shows it is the only sure-fire way to ensure more women reach the boardroom," she added.

Recently, Marie Claire and Everywoman published a survey of nearly 3,000 women, which found that the majority of females feel that are still disadvantaged in the workplace in terms of factors such as their wages.

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Posted by Daniel Stevens