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Contractors 'will not support AWR employment law changes'

Contractors 'will not support AWR employment law changes'

Contractors are unlikely to be happy with a new area of employment law in the UK, an expert has said.

According to Gerry McLaughlin of online resource IT Contractor, the upcoming implementation of the Agency Workers Regulations (AWR) is largely seen as an unwanted addition to the country's legal system as it could cause a "potential IR35-sized headache" for professionals in this industry.

Mr McLaughlin explained that AWR - which will be introduced on October 1st 2011 - is seen by the majority as "the help that contractors didn't want", mainly because they are fearful of the possible legislative burden it will impose.

These new rules have been designed to give agency workers the same basic working conditions and employment rights as permanent staff once they have been in a role for a period of 12 weeks.

However, Mr McLaughlin stated that this will be as unpopular as IR35 as "without clearing up the last mess the government is creating a new, similar one".

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Posted by Cheryl Bennett