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Research: Many firms flouting employment laws

Research: Many firms flouting employment laws

Many employers may face grievance claims from lower paid workers on the grounds of discrimination due to their reluctance to permit such staff members their legally required annual paid leave, new research has suggested.

According to a study conducted by the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) - which has 394 branches across England and Wales - tens of thousands of people in roles with low salaries are being denied their entitlement to paid holidays.

The survey found that more than 87,000 people indicated that they were in a situation whereby they were only allowed to take unpaid absences or no holidays at all between 2007 and 2010.

Under government rules, all workers should have statutory access to 20 days leave per year on top of bank holidays with full wages.

Gillian Guy, chief executive of the CAB, commented: "There are still far too many rogue employers and employment agencies prepared to flout the law and profit from exploitation."

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Posted by Daniel Stevens