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Pedestrian seeking £300k compensation following amputation

Pedestrian seeking £300k compensation following amputation
A personal injury compensation claim of more than £300,000 has been lodged by a woman after she needed to have a leg amputated due to injuries she sustained after being hit by a car.

According to the Eastern Daily Press, Emma Woolnough underwent a trio of operations before doctors decided they could not save her limb because of the extensive damage inflicted upon it when an elderly man mistakenly ran into a group of people by pressing the accelerator on his car instead of the brake pedal.

The 27-year-old was one of three unlucky pedestrians struck when 86-year-old Allan Skoyles - who had suffered a stroke, was deaf and had undergone eight operations on his heart - drove on to the pavement in Gorleston, a small town situated near Great Yarmouth.

Ms Woolnough also suffered a knee injury during the incident and will require "aids and equipment for the rest of her life", as well as further surgery.

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Posted by Cheryl Bennett