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Men and women 'eager to share parental leave'

Men and women 'eager to share parental leave'

Employers must be willing to accept that perceptions over which sex should take more responsibility when it comes to childcare have changed in recent years, it has been suggested.

Recently (April 3rd), the government implemented new parental leave legislation, with the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills deciding that new fathers are now entitled to take six months extra paternity absence when the baby's mother returns to her job after 20 weeks.

This, Adrienne Burgess of the Fatherhood Institute noted, is a reflection of how attitudes have changed among Britons in the recent past, with both men and women sharing a "very strong desire" for equality in responsibility for parenting duties.

Ms Burgess explained that the 21st century trend of "assortative mating" has caused males and females to share similar career ambitions and prospects, meaning the traditional roles of parent and breadwinner have now dissolved.

"Men are actually less conservative than women in their beliefs in this area," she added.

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Posted by Richard Saunders