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Flexible working 'now recognised as vital by many employers'

Flexible working 'now recognised as vital by many employers'

A growing number of companies are now recognising the importance of implementing flexible working practices in the 21st century business environment.

This is according to Adrienne Burgess, head of research at the Fatherhood Institute, who said that the multi-faceted nature of workers' lives in the modern world has caused many firms to re-evaluate their internal staff management techniques.

"Employers are becoming aware of the fact that people have other lives and that to keep the brightest and the best you need to be flexible," she noted.

Ms Burgess added this means requests for sabbaticals and parental leave are now looked upon much more favourably by bosses than in the past, as they are "tolerant of the idea" that people will take time off for a wide range of reasons.

This comes after found recently that 39 per cent of small business owners believe their companies should be exempt from new parental leave laws.

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Posted by Richard Saunders