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Andrew Marr admits taking out super-injunction

Andrew Marr admits taking out super-injunction

Andrew Marr has admitted that he has sought a super-injunction from the High Court in order to prevent himself from being named in relation to an extra-marital affair.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, the broadcaster - who previously worked as the editor of the Independent newspaper - said he had taken out a gagging order from the UK's most senior legal body in January 2008 following an affair with a colleague some five years earlier.

The 51-year-old - who presents his own political discussion television show on BBC1 on Sunday mornings - stated that he thought he had fathered a child by the woman, which was his primary motivation behind seeking the injunction.

"Am I embarrassed by it? Yes. Am I uneasy about it? Yes. But at the time there was a crisis in my marriage and I believed there was a young child involved," he commented.

Mr Marr went on to assert his belief that such orders are now "out of control" as there are currently around 30 active in Britain.

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Posted by Richard Saunders

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