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Women 'still face sex discrimination at all managerial levels'

Women 'still face sex discrimination at all managerial levels'

Employers have been told by an expert that the battle for gender equality within workplaces in the UK goes on at every managerial level of any given organisation, not just at the very top of the ladder.

Marla Nelson, founder of the campaign group WomEnterprise, said females are not equally represented on all rungs of the ladder in terms of companies' management structures, as well as the boardroom.

She noted that a strong presence of women on the boards of large firms cannot and will not be achieved until this situation is remedied and added that there is still "unfortunately" something of a "glass ceiling effect" for professional females in terms of both their pay and achievement prospects.

"Women in middle and senior management should be given more opportunities to be considered for board positions," Ms Nelson continued.

Her comments came after the publication of research by the Institute of Leadership & Management, which revealed that 73 per cent of all women feel that they encounter barriers to senior positions in their company.

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Posted by Cheryl Bennett