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Man awarded injury damages after taxi accident

Man awarded injury damages after taxi accident

Significant personal injury compensation has been awarded to a man who sustained a serious head injury after falling from a taxi.

According to the Bristol Evening Post, Grant Parfitt suffered severe brain damage when he fell out of the moving vehicle as he travelled home to Hengrove - an area around four miles away from Bristol city centre - following a night out with friends shortly before Christmas in 2005.

Mr Parfitt, who was 19 years of age at the time, was comatose for a period of four weeks after the accident, which has left him both unable to work and not fit to partake in hobbies such as playing football and doing fitness training at the gym.

As a result of the incident, he has been awarded an undisclosed but "substantial" sum in order to cover the cost of the care he will require for the rest of his life as well as any rehabilitation treatment that may also be necessary, the news source added.

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Posted by Cheryl Bennett