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Government could cause pay discrimination cases, official suggests

Government could cause pay discrimination cases, official suggests

More companies could be on the verge of facing an increased number of grievance cases on the grounds of pay discrimination in the near future, it has been suggested.

Last week (March 23rd 2011), chancellor George Osborne gave the Conservative-Liberal Democrat alliance's latest financial plans in his budget speech to the House of Commons, in which he outlined the government's upcoming spending proposals.

Within this speech, Mr Osborne relayed such predictions as a gross domestic product expansion of 2.5 per cent in 2012, while the Bank of England's inflationary target figure will remain at two per cent.

However, Brendan Barber - general secretary of the Trades Union Congress, which represents more than six million workers across the country - has criticised the general direction of the budget as it offers "no guarantee of deficit reduction targets being met".

Mr Barber went on to urge the government to "heed the economic warning signs and change course" as it is expected the inflation will "outstrip wage growth for this year and next", something which could contribute to a rising number of pay discrimination cases. 

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Posted by Cheryl Bennett