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Family may seek compensation for asbestos death

Family may seek compensation for asbestos death
An asbestos-related disease has been found to be the cause behind the death of a pensioner.

The Wiltshire Times reports that an inquest has ruled 71-year-old Eric Sanders passed away due to him contracting mesothelioma, a disorder which affects the inner-cell lining of the lungs.

As a result of this verdict, Mr Sanders' family may opt to seek personal injury compensation on his behalf as he worked for Avon Rubber for 25 years between 1955 and 1980, the majority of which time he spent coming into contact with the potentially lethal substance.

The news source indicated that until the 1970s, the employee uses "steam equipment lagged with cracking asbestos" and the symptoms of mesothelioma began affecting him in 2008 until his death in September 2010.

His wife commented: "He was working in the tyre moulding process and they used asbestos. He had never been ill, he never smoked or anything."

Posted by Helen Jones