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Councils heading for sex discrimination grievances?

Councils heading for sex discrimination grievances?

Local authorities across the country may be in line to face cases of sex discrimination against them in the near future from former employees who are made redundant, unless they follow official rules.

That is according to Unison - the UK and Europe's largest public sector trade union with more than 1.3 million members across a range of professions - which has stated that many councils have run the risk of encountering damages claims over unfair dismissal.

The organisation has found that 78 per cent of all local authorities failed to complete equality impact assessments when consulting over their final job cut plans following the government's announced austerity measures.

Heather Wakefield, head of local government at Unison, commented that while councils are "duty bound" to ensure that redundancies do not have a "disproportionate impact on women" and other groups, this survey shows they are "flouting the rules and ploughing ahead with heavy job cuts regardless".

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Posted by Cheryl Bennett