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John Lewis worker seeks damages for sex discrimination

John Lewis worker seeks damages for sex discrimination

A male shop assistant has launched a sex discrimination case against John Lewis after claiming the company laughed off his complaints about a female employee.

Konstantinos Kalomoiris, 40, said he was working at the company's flagship department store on London's Oxford Street when Bianca Revrenna slapped his bottom, the Evening Standard reports.

He claimed the 68-year-old performed the action on three occasions and he left his job as a result.

Mr Kalomoiris said he initially made a formal complaint about Ms Revrenna's conduct, but decided to take the case to an employment law tribunal after colleagues dismissed his grievances and said he was "too sensitive".

He told the tribunal: "My manager said I should be delighted that a colleague liked me enough to slap my bum."

However, Ms Revrenna maintains she only touched the lower back of Mr Kalomoiris to reassure him following a problem with a customer.

Presenter Des McLean recently lodged a case for sex discrimination against Radio Clyde in Scotland after alleging he was sacked in favour of a female host, but later withdrew the claim.

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Posted by Richard Saunders