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Flexible working 'can help women break through glass ceiling'

Flexible working 'can help women break through glass ceiling'

Employers eager to avoid the possibility of facing grievance claims brought about on the grounds of sex discrimination may wish to consider the possibility of extending the right to flexible working in their organisation.

That is according to Michelle Singleton, assistant policy officer for Unison, who has said that making this policy more widespread throughout a company would remove an element of gender bias within the workplace.

She added that this may also help female employees break through the glass ceiling, as currently there is a common attitude among bosses that flexible working policies are an alternative to pursuing a career.

"It is seen as a 'mummy track' and dismissed by a lot of employers as a decision between taking your career seriously or taking your home life seriously," she explained.

This comes after research by Opportunity Now found that 82 per cent of women see having to balance work and family commitments as a barrier to progression.

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Posted by Richard Saunders