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Research: More employees unhappy in their jobs

Research: More employees unhappy in their jobs

Employers across the country may wish to brace themselves for an increase in the number of grievance cases being brought against them on the grounds of issues such as pay discrimination in the near future.

That is if research conducted by recruitment consultant Badenoch & Clark - which was set up around 30 years ago and now operates in several countries around the world - is anything to go by, as the organisation has found that approximately a quarter - 22.8 per cent - of workers in all sectors are unhappy in their current line of work.

This figure represents a large difference to the statistic posted this time last year, when 78 per cent of employees indicated they were satisfied about the way their current job was going.

However, factors such as the change in government and the subsequent jobs cuts and continued effects of the global economic downturn are all playing a role in decreasing overall workplace morale.

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Posted by Richard Saunders