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Parental leave changes to limit sex discrimination cases?

Parental leave changes to limit sex discrimination cases?

The government's recent changes to parental leave legislation may result in employers facing fewer grievance cases from disgruntled female workers on the grounds of sex discrimination in the future, it has been suggested.

According to Maggie Berry, managing director of Women in Technology, the potential alteration that would see the Conservative-Liberal Democrat alliance allow fathers to share maternity leave would represent a "major" breakthrough in terms of increasing the number of women in boardroom positions, Recruiter reports.

If this was to be a knock-on effect of parental leave law changes, companies may then face fewer instances of women filing discrimination cases on the basis that they are being denied the opportunity to work at board level.

"The current parental leave provisions are one of the most unequal in Europe and are a key contributing factor to the very low number of women that we see in boardrooms today," she commented.

Nick Clegg, deputy prime minister and leader of the Liberal Democrats, recently announced the coalition's plans to implement a more flexible system by 2015.

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Posted by Richard Saunders