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NHS 'should implement flexible working policies'

NHS 'should implement flexible working policies'

The NHS should implement flexible working policies in order to make sure it is achieving its desired efficiency savings.

That is according to Kate Bleasdale - executive vice-chair of global IT services company HCL - who has said that the organisation could use such measures as an effective way to decrease its costs in the wake of the worldwide economic slump, online resource Recruiter reports.

"By flexible working, we mean an NHS workforce that makes effective use of locum and agency staff, not just substantive staff employed full-time by the NHS," she noted.

Ms Bleasdale went on to say that "any reform that increased the flexibility and responsiveness of the NHS procurement is to be welcomed" and added that a transformation in the way the organisation operates could be needed to ensure this happens.

Several companies have found that flexible working practices are particularly popular with staff following the recession.

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Posted by Richard Saunders