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Medical negligence compensation of £5.3m awarded

Medical negligence compensation of £5.3m awarded

A compensation settlement of £5.3 million has been awarded to a girl after she sustained serious head injuries during her birth.

The female, who is 15 years old, was starved of oxygen at the time of being born in 1995 and, as a result, has severe brain damage, in part because of the negligence of medical professionals at St Mary's Hospital in Portsmouth.

The clinical institution - which is managed by the Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, an organisation founded in 2007 following the merger of two previous bodies - has now issued an apology to the family of the girl, as well as paying the majority of the £5.3 million sum.

Her mother commented: "My daughter has all the needs and wants of any young teenage girl but she is severely disabled and needs permanent assistance from carers." She went on to state that the teenager is "sociable and knows her own mind".