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Couples 'must be aware of obligations of pre-nups'

Couples 'must be aware of obligations of pre-nups'

Any couples considering the possibility of signing a pre-nuptial agreement prior to tying the knot have been advised to make sure they are fully aware of the legal implications of doing so before they put pen to paper.

Christina Tait, spokeswoman for Divorce Aid, has said that the possible forthcoming alteration to UK law - which would see such contracts become legally-binding - would mean that people need to be "more wary" before entering into them.

Earlier this week, the Law Commission revealed that it will be publishing the results of a consultation into whether post-nuptial and pre-nuptial agreements should be enforced in this way in England and Wales, with the widespread expectation that it will rule that they should be.

Ms Tait noted that this may be a positive step in the long term, as it will make many more people "consider matters very carefully in advance of the marriage".

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Posted by Richard Saunders