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Communication over pay freezes vital for employers

Communication over pay freezes vital for employers

Employers eager to avoid grievance cases being brought against them on the grounds of pay discrimination may wish to heed one expert's advice about the importance of communication with their members of staff.

Diana Bruce, policy liaison officer at the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals (CIPP), has said that it is crucial for people in senior management positions within an organisation to speak regularly with employees in order to reassure them as pay growth continues to falter in the UK following the global economic downturn.

Ms Bruce noted that bosses need to fully explain to their workers why pay freezes are remaining in place.

"If they are not going to have any monetary motivation, then communicating the reasons why is vital," she added.

The CIPP official went on to say that such measures will prove essential as pay freezes will continue to be common in 2011.

This comes after the Office for National Statistics showed recently that annual average earnings growth continued to stall in November 2010.