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CBI welcomes government's employment law proposals

CBI welcomes government's employment law proposals

The government's decision to alter the country's employment laws has been welcomed by one senior business official.

According to John Cridland, director-general designate of the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), the Conservative-Liberal Democrat alliance has taken the right course of action in looking to revamp this area of legislation as changes have been needed for several years.

"Given that 2010 saw a 56 per cent rise in tribunal claims, the government must look at ways of strengthening the process," he added.

Last week, the coalition revealed several measures it is looking to take to change the way this system operates, including speeding up the tribunal process by extending the jurisdictions where judges can sit alone to cover unfair dismissal claims.

Vince Cable, business secretary, said "disputes in the workplace cost time and money, can affect morale, reduce productivity and hold back businesses" and added that these new rules should help modify the system to benefit both employers and workers.

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Posted by Cheryl Bennett