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BCC calls for change to employment tribunal system

BCC calls for change to employment tribunal system

The UK's employment tribunal system desperately needs to be updated and altered, an organisation has stated.

According to a new report published recently (January 5th 2011) by the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC), the current legal method of handling such grievance cases is not equal in terms of how they are resolved for organisations and individuals.

The BCC - which is the national body for a Network of Accredited Chambers of Commerce across the UK - found that the number of employment tribunals taking place in Britain is increasing, with the average cost for an organisation to defend itself being £8,500.

However, the average settlement awarded to claimants is £5,400, meaning that there is more incentive for employers to meet this cost, even if the claim is deemed "spurious".

Dr Adam Marshall, director of policy and external affairs at the BCC, said the system is in "dire need of reform" as currently it is "too slow and overwhelmingly weighted in favour of the employer".