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Workers on standby over Christmas 'should be rewarded'

Workers on standby over Christmas 'should be rewarded'

Employers can avoid potential staff grievances by ensuring that they financially reward workers who are expected to be available to complete their duties on Christmas Day.

That is according to Noelle Murphy, editor of the Employment Review publication, who has said that workerswho are asked to be on standby on December 25th should be awarded a bonus for being willing to potentially miss what is traditionally one of the most important days of the year.

Ms Murphy stated that "just under half of employers" will require their staff to be available to be called out on Christmas Day, meaning that workers could become disgruntled unless this commitment is recognised and commended.

"The first thing that employers can do is make sure they compensate employees in their pay packets," she noted.

This comes after research by online resource FreeIndex last week (December 14th 2010) revealed that 33 per cent of small business owners will work on either Christmas Day or Boxing Day this year.

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Posted by Cheryl Bennett