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Victims seek compensation from youth club paedophile

Victims seek compensation from youth club paedophile
Victims of a paedophile have said that they plan to seek compensation after suffering from post traumatic disorder due to the attacks.

Earlier this month, Dean Madavan was sent to jail by Plymouth Crown Court after it emerged that the church youth club worker committed a series of sexual assaults on boys and men, reports The Herald.

Now, the victims have told the newspaper that they are planning to seek compensation for the offences, with Judge Gilbert saying that Mr Madavan's lawyers need to declare the value of their client's assets to determine if any damages can be rewarded.

The 44-year-old pleaded guilty to 25 charges, including 13 counts of indecent assault against eight boys and young men, when he worked at Ford Baptist Church youth club in Plymouth between 1992 and 2003.

Prosecutor Malcolm Galloway commented during the trial that the attacks had a "dramatic effect" on the victims Mr Madavan pursued.

Liz Dux, personal injury partner at Russell Jones & Walker solicitors, commented: "It is now more commonplace for victims of sexual abuse to try and pursue civil claims against their attackers. This is because the criminal system does not provide them with any financial compensation for their suffering and the amount received from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority are normally insufficient to reflect the significant psychological consequences normally suffered. However, victims wanting to pursue such civil claims are often hampered if their alleged assailant has insufficient means."

Posted by Helen Jones