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Lincolnshire schools pay out £85k for personal injury claims

Lincolnshire schools pay out £85k for personal injury claims

Personal injury claims over the past five years have seen Lincolnshire schools pay £85,000 to children, it has emerged.

The Lincolnshire Echo revealed compensation awards in the 16 successful cases since 2005 have varied from £1,000 to £14,000, with the youngest claimant being four years old.

Assistant director of children's services at Lincolnshire County Council Debbie Barnes stressed that educational establishments in the area are constantly reviewing their health and safety procedures.

She noted there are many cases that do not lead to compensation awards, with the individual circumstances of the situation considered before any money is handed over.

"We work with schools to ensure health and safety policies are robust and effective to reduce the risk of injuries to pupils," Ms Barnes was quoted as saying.

The same publication pointed out in a separate article that five of the 16 personal injury compensation cases involved some form of school equipment in the accident.