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Injured racing driver makes appeal for compensation

Injured racing driver makes appeal for compensation

An injured racing driver is continuing to fight for compensation after being involved in an accident in a public place.

Malcolm Green, 65, was left with serious injuries when he crashed into a barrier at the Goodwood Trophy racing event in September 2005.

He claims that the positioning of a film camera on the inside of a corner caused a hazard, amounting to him losing control of his 1948 Maserati, which led to the near fatal accident.

The veteran driver suffered a shattered ankle, had bruising all over his body and endured ligament damage to his knees, the Derby Telegraph reported.

Mr Green's lawyers have taken the case to the Court of Appeal, after a judge originally ruled against his personal injury claim in July 2009, according to the Argus.

His legal team has said that the decision was wrong as the driver has completed the Goodwood race hundreds of times before, adding that the camera must have at least "contributed" to the crash.

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Posted by Cheryl Bennett