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Grievances 'to be reduced by Equality Act'

Grievances 'to be reduced by Equality Act'

The number of Grievance cases made by workers on the basis of gender pay discrimination may fall in the near future once the new Equality Act is fully implemented and understood, if one expert's comments are anything to go by.

According to Sarah Gordon, associate director of the Sammons Group and chairperson of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation's Diversity and Inclusion Forum, the country is now "starting to move beyond good intentions and empty rhetoric in order to address under-representation and workplace imbalances".

Ms Gordon noted that professional recruiters are beginning to play a crucial role in helping organisations to review their current procedures in terms of the way in which they go about hiring new members of staff.

This is despite the fact that the official from the REC - which has more than 13,500 members across the country - believes that recent alterations to the law may have "blurred the lines between positive action and positive discrimination".

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Posted by Cheryl Bennett