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Flexible working 'can lead to lower staff turnover'

Flexible working 'can lead to lower staff turnover'

Offering flexible working practices to employees can help organisations maintain a lower rate of staff turnover, an expert has said.

According to Shirley Borrett - development director at the Telework Association, which was founded in 1992 - giving workers the opportunity to work on a more flexible basis can result in them becoming more loyal to their company and therefore prevent them from wanting to leave.

Ms Borrett stated that this can lead to a more positive bond being forged between workers and their bosses, which could be crucial in the aftermath of the global economic downturn.

"If an employee is trusted to work at home, then they tend to have a good relationship with their manager and they value both that trust and the practical ability to fit work around their lives," she explained.

This, she added, can then save the firm cash in the long-term by reducing the need for recruitment spending.

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Posted by Daniel Stevens