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Expert: Cuts likely to widen gender pay gap

Expert: Cuts likely to widen gender pay gap

The gender pay gap between male and female employees will be widened further by the effects of the government's public sector spending cuts, an expert has said.

According to Piya Khanna, founder and executive coach and change consultant at Change to Succeed, men still have a "head start" on their women co-workers, which is only likely to be extended by the Conservative-Liberal Democrat alliance's policy decisions.

"Any cuts in public sector services used by women will take a larger chunk out of their pockets than is presently the case," she noted.

Ms Khanna went on to say that the cost of inflation also means that females are disproportionately affected by low pay than males, as they need to "make their budgets stretch further".

This comes after the Office for National Statistics revealed last week (December 8th 2010) that the full-time gender pay gap is now at 10.2 per cent, which represents a two per cent reduction on the figure posted for 2009.

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Posted by Richard Saunders