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Law Society pleads for maintenance of legal aid

Law Society pleads for maintenance of legal aid

An initiative that is often used during family law grievance disputes such as divorces should not be scrapped, despite the fact that the government has announced its intention to significantly reduce the public spending bill in the wake of the recession.

According to the Law Society, legal aid - the fund used to help vulnerable or underprivileged people to achieve justice in court by providing them with financial assistance for the costs of their case - must not be a casualty of the Conservative-Liberal Democrat alliance's austerity measures.

President of the organisation - which represents solicitors in England and Wales - Linda Lee has said that legal aid and criminal justice agencies could be maintained if the government increased taxation levels on alcohol.

This, Ms Lee claimed, would result in all cases brought to the attention of the courts due to alcohol abuse would effectively pay for themselves in terms of legal aid provisions.

“The Society believes the government should not take any further steps to reduce financial eligibility for legal aid, nor to remove legal aid from categories of cases," she added.

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Posted by Daniel Stevens