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Government to face race discrimination grievances?

Government to face race discrimination grievances?

The government may face more grievances from companies and individuals on the grounds of race discrimination after it confirmed new immigration legislation earlier this week (November 23rd 2010).

Under new legal measures set to become UK law, organisations across the country will have the number of skilled workers from outside the European Union (EU) they are able to employ limited.

These regulations have been introduced as the Conservative-Liberal Democrat alliance seeks to cap annual immigration at 21,700 for non-EU skilled workers, home secretary and MP for Maidenhead Theresa May has confirmed.

In order to make these measures work, the administration is to restrict Tier One of its points-based system to all but investors, entrepreneurs and people of exceptional talent.

Ms May labelled the plans as a "clear, rational approach to which workers we will allow into the UK job market" as the government wants to reduce immigration to "sustainable levels".

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Posted by Richard Saunders