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Flexible working 'helping to drive down commute times'

Flexible working 'helping to drive down commute times'

Employees across all sectors appear to be benefiting from the increasing availability of flexible working practices in the UK, if new figures are anything to go by.

According to a study conducted by the Trades Union Congress (TUC), the average commute time of workers in Britain has hit its lowest point for ten years - thanks in no small part to the trend of many employers allowing their staff to work from home, something which may help reduce the number of grievances senior managers have to face.

The TUC - which represents 6.2 million employees from a wide range of sectors - used data from the Labour Force Survey to compile this evidence and found that since 2006, the average time being spent travelling to work by individuals has dropped by more than four minutes annually.

Phil Flaxton, chief executive of Work Wise UK, commented: "I urge all employers who receive flexibility requests to consider them seriously and do all they can to make flexible working a reality."

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Posted by Cheryl Bennett