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Equality Act 2010 'is too little, too late'

Equality Act 2010 'is too little, too late'

Employers across the UK may still face claims for compensation over grievance cases such as sex discrimination even after the implementation of the Equality Act 2010.

That is according to Carolyn Jones, director at the Institute of Employment Rights, who has labelled the government's legislation aimed at ending the era of unequal pay between males and females "too little, too late", as 40 years has elapsed since the introduction of the Equal Pay Act.

Around 90 per cent of this new bill came into effect on October 1st of this year, including a measure whereby pay secrecy clauses from organisations looking to hide unfair differences between the salaries of men and women are now illegal.

However, Ms Jones believes that this is not sufficient to bring to a close inequality throughout the nation, with research conducted earlier this month by the Fawcett Society showing that there is still a gender pay gap of 16.4 per cent in Britain.

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Posted by Daniel Stevens