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Mother wins £515k in medical negligence compensation

Mother wins £515k in medical negligence compensation

A woman has won £515,000 in a medical negligence claim against an NHS Trust after clinical professionals conducting antenatal scans missed the fact that her son had spina bifida.

A case at the High Court heard that the child - who is now five years old but cannot be named - had the condition while he was in the womb, but this was not picked up on by doctors at Bedford Hospital.

Subsequently, the NHS Trust - which is currently striving to become a Foundation Trust prior to the government's 2013 deadline for all hospitals to do so - admitted that their workers should not have failed in this task and therefore agreed to make a payment of more than £0.5 million to help the family with the costs of looking after he disabled boy.

However, this figure only represents an "interim payment" and may therefore be increased further when the full costs of caring for the boy are assessed, a process which will take place in 2012 at the earliest.

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Posted by Richard Saunders