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Karina Sarkissova 'could file sex discrimination suit'

Karina Sarkissova 'could file sex discrimination suit'

A sex discrimination suit could be filed by Russian ballerina Karina Sarkissova after she was fired by the director of the Vienna Opera's ballet corps for posing nude for a men's magazine.

Trained at Russia's Bolshoi Ballet company, Sarkissova joined the Vienna Opera in 2000 and, discussing the matter, told the Austrian media that she felt discriminated against.

Dominique Meyer, director of the opera and who took up his post just a few days after the dancer was let go, confirmed that she had been fired on August 23rd, after already receiving warnings for a previous series of risque shots.

"The ballet corps has been shocked by these new images, which appeared in the sex section. On the cover of the magazine, you could read The ballerina nude, the ballet as we love it," he remarked.

This comes after Meyer told AFP that an international tour would be made by the ballet company, taking in the UK, Spain, the US and Japan.

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Posted by Daniel Stevens