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Medical Negligence Case Pays Millions in Compensation

Boy awarded millions in medical negligence claim

A young schoolboy has been awarded a multi-million pound medical negligence compensation settlement by the High Court after he was left disabled due to medical mistakes during his birth.

The eight-year-old child has cerebral palsy after complications and medical errors at Oxford's John Radcliffe Hospital in September 2002.

He now needs round-the-clock care for the remainder of his life and his parents opted to pursue legal proceedings against the local NHS Trust in order to gain damages to help fund this financial outlay.

The specific amount of the medical negligence settlement remains unknown, but the BBC reports that Mr Justice David Steel told the High Court hearing that the award was in the victim's best interests.

According to the news source, the child's parents said that the money "will never replace what we have lost" and added that their only wish "is that this doesn't happen to any other family and that the NHS learn from the mistakes that have been made."