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Acas: Workplace grievances can sometimes be positive

Acas: Workplace grievances can sometimes be positive

Disputes and grievances between people within a workforce can be beneficial to an organisation in the long term, an expert has said.

According to Peter Harwood, chief conciliator at the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (Acas), these instances can actually help a workforce develop and become stronger as long as they are handled correctly.

"Sometimes a dispute can bring things to the fore and help move the workplace on," he said.

Mr Harwood's comments came after London Underground workers went on strike recently in protest over plans to shed 800 jobs from the organisation in the near future, which led to the Confederation of British Industry to call for changes in the law that would raise the threshold for industrial action against an employer in order to minimise disruption.

However, the Acas official stated that often, such situations can be avoided altogether if an employer is open and honest with its workforce from the outset of a problem and vice versa.

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Posted by Daniel Stevens