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Woman to claim medical negligence compensation after hysterectomy

Woman to claim medical negligence compensation after hysterectomy

A woman from Nottingham is making a claim for medical negligence compensation after a large swab was left inside her body following a hysterectomy last year.

During the clinical procedure, which was conducted on the NHS at the private Woodthorpe Hospital in the city - which is run by Ramsay Health Care - in July 2009, Susan Misiewicz was left with a swab the size of a tea towel inside her for four months.

The item - which was inserted to stop internal bleeding - was eventually removed after scan revealed its presence in November of the same year and Mrs Misiewicz is consequently suing the organisation for malpractice.

She explained that she felt "continual pain" following the incident and was unaware of the cause of this problem. The Nottingham Post reports that the swab measured 18 inches by 18 inches, with the patient telling the publication that the issue both ruined her wedding last September and has rendered her unable to work full time.

Paul Sankey, Clinical Negligence Partner at Russell Jones & Walker, commented: "Some medical mistakes are matters of judgment but leaving a swab inside the body at surgery is not. It is a completely avoidable error. Standard practice is to 'count in and count out' when using swabs. Where this is done there is no chance of error. Failing to do so can be cause untold harm as was sadly the case here, leading to unnecessary pain and sometimes devastating infection."

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Posted by Daniel Stevens