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Female employees 'want flexible working practices'

Female employees 'want flexible working practices'

An expert has said that companies that embrace flexible working practices may see the benefits immediately within their female members of staff.

According to Dr Barbara Watterson, women appreciate being given the opportunity to fulfil their roles within an organisation in different hours or workspaces as their lifestyles are often different to those of their male colleagues and they are therefore sometimes incompatible with the traditional nine-to-five model, The Age reports.

Flexible working has become increasingly more popular with both sexes and in all sectors since the onset of the global recession as employees have sought to adapt to the changing business environment by altering the way in which they work.

For example, research conducted earlier this year by PricewaterhouseCoopers indicated that flexible working is now the most desired benefit of most members of staff, above options such as pay increases and material bonuses.

And Dr Watterson said that this may be particularly true for women, as they are "attracted to flexible working patterns and job satisfaction and move away from the culture of long hours".

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Posted by Cheryl Bennett